Nonpolynomial Software Updates for January 10, 2021

I made a rule for myself that I’d wait 2 days after any software update to announce it on the blog, just to make sure I didn’t have to go back and fix even more things and flood the blog with “fixes and performance improvement” posts. The last blog being 2 weeks ago says a lot about the release schedule lately.

Thanks to a lot of interaction with developers using the libraries after the v1 launch, I’ve been making a ton of patches and bugfixes. There’s a pretty severe lack of tests in several parts of the platform at the moment, so it’s a very “testing in production” situation. With production for our software being what it is, it means seeing bug reports like “multiple gigabyte memory leaks during hours of intimate hardware usage.”

Anyways, here’s a list of things I threw the fire extinguisher at over the past 2 weeks.

Buttplug Rust

buttplug-rs is now at v1.0.5, having seen the following major updates since v1.0.2:

  • XInput (XBox compatible gamepads) will now emit disconnect events, as well as rescanning every 1 second during the scanning period (versus only scanning once then stopping until StartScanning is called again)
  • Fixed bug with Bluetooth LE scanning missing some devices in certain situations.
  • Contributor Patch: Fix handling of Sync/Send traits on certain future types
  • Contributor Patch: LTO now used on release builds, shrinking library size by about 12%.
  • Contributor Patch: Support for LiBo, Prettylove toys. Thanks to the good people at IOSTIndex for this patch.

Buttplug C#

buttplug-csharp is now at v1.0.8, having seen the following major updates since v1.0.2:

  • Updated Rust dependency to v1.0.5, so all previously mentioned fixes/additions for buttplug-rs are available
  • Fix issue with device disconnect/reconnect causing collisions in the C# API
  • Fix issue with certain commands not triggering on all features as expected (i.e. a device with multiple vibrators only has one that reacts to commands, when all should react)
  • Contributor Patch: Fix issue with events not doing null checks, thus throwing if no listener is available.

Buttplug JS

buttplug-js is now at v1.0.2, having seen the following major updates since v1.0.1:

  • Updated Rust dependency to v1.0.5, so all previously mentioned fixes/additions for buttplug-rs are available
  • That’s about it, really. Most of the major fixing has been in device access in our native libraries. JS certainly still has bugs, but is currently seeing less complaints about them.

Intiface Game Haptics Router

After getting all of these library updates done, I’m finally moving back to being able to work on some of our first party applications. This includes the Intiface Game Haptics Router, the gamepad-rumble-to-sex-toy-control mod maintain.

The GHR is now at v10, which includes the following major updates:

  • GHR can now connect to Intiface Desktop, as well as still using a standalone version of Buttplug that it comes with.
  • Settings are now persisted between sessions
  • XInput hooked processes can now be detached/reattached (Unity VR hooked processes still can’t detach yet).
  • Sped up process finding by a factor of however many processors you have.
  • Users can now set packet gaps, to reduce issues with command flooding to toys.

That’s it for now. Be on the lookout for updates to programs like Intiface Desktop and VAMLaunch, and of course more fixes and features in the core library soon!